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Keeping Tick Safe in the Garden

2024 Meet Us in the Garden Series

2023 Meet Us in the Garden Series

Espalier and Cordon Fruit Trees (3/4/23)

Everything Asparagus (4/1/23)

Companion Planting (5/6/23)

Honeybees, the what where and how (6/3/23)

Fun With Succulents! (7/1/23)

Demystifying Hydrangeas (8/5/23)

Rain Gardens (9/9/23)

Houseplants (10/7/23)

What Master Gardener Volunteers Do and How to Become One (11/4/23)

2022 Meet Us in the Garden Series 

How do I get plants? Seeds, rhizomes, divisions (3/5/22)

The Garden that Keeps on Giving (4/9/22)     Perennial Food Gardening handout

Annuals and Perennials – What’s New? (5/7/22)

Composting and/or Mulching (6/11/22)

I.P.M. aka Integrated Pest Management (7/9/22)

Pollinators (8/6/22)

Native Plants/Blended Families (9/10/22)

Be Your Own Landscaper (10/1/22)

Creating Winter Habitats for Animals (11/5/22)

2021 Meet Us in the Garden Series

Nature's Cues a.k.a. Phenology (3/13/21)  Phenology handout     March Gardening Tips and Books handout

Victory Gardens (4/10/21)   April Gardening Tips and Books handout     Soil Testing Form     Soil Testing Instructions

Children's Gardens (5/1/21)   May handout     Children's Gardens handout

Container Gardening (6/5/21)   June handout     Container Gardening handout     June Books and Gardening Tips

Grass is Not Always Greener (7/10/21)     July Books and Gardening Tips      Eco Alternatives to Lawns

Fall Vegetable Gardening (8/7/21)     August Books and Gardening Tips

Best Fall Flowers (9/11/21)   Fall Blooming Plants     September Gardening Tips and Books     Bibliography

Trees and Shrubs in the Home Landscape (10/2/21)     October Gardening Tips and Books     Street Trees of Ohio

Holiday Flowers (11/6/21)     November Gardening Tips and Books     Holiday Plants

2020 Meet Us in the Garden Series

Bee Friendly with Natives - handout

Christmas Decorating with Live Greens - handout

Christmas Tree Selections for Ohio - handout

Continuous Color Using Perennials

Gardening as We Age - handout, stretching handout

Keeping Your Live, Cut Christmas Tree Fresh Through the Holiday Season

Preparing Your Lawn for Next Spring - handout

Preventing Animal Damage - handout

Rain Gardens 101 - handout